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3 min. / Animation
2004 / UK

A British artist with Down syndrome created these playful drawings and stories, which his father animated. 1st Animations includes 4 of these unique collaborations.>>


15 min. / Narrative
1999 / USA

The year is 3168 and planet Earth is being threatened by the evil Natas, from planet Olvidan. Hope for a peaceful future lies in the hands of the Karate Ruler. All actors in this sci-fi thriller have developmental disabilities.>>


42 min. / Documentary
2000 / Australia
- contains adult material -

An intimate character study, a comedic portrait and above all, an uplifting story of young actors pursuing their dream, this documentary follows an Australian theater group of individuals with intellectual disabilities. We are introduced to three full-time actors and writers with this theater group who share their talent, humor, personal hardships and desire for self-expression.>>


3 min. / Documentary
2004 / USA

In this short video, we meet a boy whose little sister has Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Through a poem he wrote, we see the strong bond that exists between these siblings.>>


21 min. / Documentary
2004 / USA

“It’s better for growing vegetables than people,” says autistic artist Larry Bissonnette, of his years living in an institution. Filled with humorous and poignant assessments of his life, this documentary also explores the complexities of expression as Larry moves between speech, typing and painting.>>

6 min. / Animation
2004 / UK

What if the building you work in was not there when you turned up one morning? That is what happens in this fanciful animation, drawn by a British artist with Down syndrome and animated by his father.>>


10 min. / Performance
2004 / UK

Three impressive performance pieces by adults with developmental disabilities fuse exhilarating dance, cutting edge technology and film. The result is an artistic multi-media achievement.>>


42 min. / Narrative
2005 / USA

A tale about Viru, a self-proclaimed music buff, and how he survived his first day at summer camp. This video features acting and musical performances by people with developmental disabilities.>>


7 min. / Documentary
2002 / USA

This innovative short film invites us into the world of a young man who has autism and muteness. In his own words, with the creative use of digitation, a communication board and the camera, we are offered an intimate glimpse into the challenges and frustrations of his everyday life.>>


16 min. / Documentary
2004 / USA

This documentary follows three New York City high school seniors with different disabilities as they graduate and attempt to make plans for their future.>>

11 min. / Animation
2004 / Canada

An emotionally moving love story about two men with Down syndrome, this animation explores themes of love, loss and healing. Creatively given life through a unique process of back-lighting clay on glass, the shimmering result is what the director describes as “stained glass in motion.”>>


11 min. / Documentary
2004 / USA
While it is the second most common cause of mental retardation, Fragile X Syndrome still remains a largely unknown phenomenon. This is a gripping look inside one family where all members are affected by this inherited chromosomal disorder.>>

21 min. / Narrative
2001 / Iran
- English subtitles -

A father and his son with Down syndrome navigate life’s difficulties on the streets of Tehran, tackling unemployment, prejudice and homelessness. This poignant story unfolds with both tenderness and brutality as we see the complexity of surviving life’s challenges on the Iranian-Afghan border.>>


40 min. / Documentary
2004 / USA

Sue Rubin has autism. With the help of a facilitated communication board, she takes the audience inside, on an extraordinary journey to explain what she feels and does. This Academy Award nominated documentary offers a fascinating view of autism as it has rarely been seen – from the inside out.>>



4 min. / Documentary
2004 / USA

This fun, inspirational short video presents children and adults with Down syndrome, talking about their dreams and triumphs.>>


72 min. / Documentary
1989 / USA

How does a recent high school graduate with Down syndrome end up starring in a Hollywood movie with Demi Moore? This entertaining documentary shows us the answer to this question and follows this extraordinary young man through his challenges and triumphs.>>


25 min. / Narrative
1996 / USA
We are reminded of the emotional difficulties of adolescent love when a young boy with Down syndrome develops a crush on a beautiful violinist in his school. To win her affections, he draws her pictures and starts learning piano, dreaming of being her accompanist. Will she reciprocate?>>

3 min. / Animation
2004 / UK

A British artist with down syndrome created these playful drawings and stories, which his father animated. 1st Animations includes 4 of these unique collaborations.>>


78 min. / Documentary
2005 / USA

Did Eunice Baker, a borderline mentally retarded woman really commit the murder of the child she was babysitting? By delving into her troubled background, this film explores the complexities leading up to that tragic night. This compelling documentary will stir your emotions while raising serious questions about whether our legal system is able to protect the rights of mentally disabled people.>>


8 min. / Documentary
2005 / Ghana
Challenging our notion of “handicapped,” this short film from Ghana illuminates the stigmas and prejudices parents face when raising a child with disabilities in this West African country.>>
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