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Co-lead small groups of adults with mild - moderate developmental disabilities on 3-7 day-long vacations. Group size is 3 leaders and 11 participants.

Responsibilities include overseeing the safety and enjoyment of the group while having a great time yourself.

Groups travel by 15 passenger van, stay in comfortable hotels, dine in restaurants and take part in local attractions.

Between trips, leaders can enjoy NYC while staying at the International Youth Hostel. (Sprout office is in the hostel)

All Sprout trip expenses, including meals, activities and accommodations are covered plus a daily stipend.

Trip destinations include Boston, Niagara Falls, Lake George, the Catskills, Cape Cod, Virginia Beach, Washington, DC and many more.

There are also opportunities to lead activities in the evenings and on weekends in New York City.


You must be proficient in English, friendly, responsible, caring and sensitive.

Minimum age is 21.

Time commitment is flexible. (from one week to a few months)

A driver's license helpful but not required, working visa not required, no experience needed.

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Once your application has been received and reviewed by our leadership department, you will be contacted by phone, mail or email as to the status of your application and to arrange an interview.

With Sprout, you will travel, have fun and contribute to the lives of others by co-leading vacations throughout the United States for small groups of adults with special needs.

Founded in 1979, Sprout is an exciting and innovative organization that serves over 1800 people with special needs each year. Our participants have the opportunity to experience age-appropriate, recreational and leisure activities in a small group setting. By offering these experiences, we hope to enhance the mobility, self-confidence and socialization of our participants. And through community-based activities, Sprout strives to break down some of the barriers that exist between participants and the general public.

The majority of the people who participate in our vacations are adults with developmental disabilities, with the most common disability being mental retardation. Our participants are 21 and older and they fall in the range of moderate to high functioning levels, with some individuals requiring a fair amount of assistance with basic living skills, while others are quite independent. All of our participants can travel within the 10:3 ratio featured on every trip.

Sprout vacations are made up of a dynamic mix of individuals who travel together for a period of 3 to 10 days. A group typically consists of 10 adults with special needs (called participants) and 3 leaders - a ratio that offers each participant the attention she or he needs, while allowing the group the flexibility to pursue many different types of activities. The group travels by 15-passenger van to a wide range of vacation destinations, staying at comfortable lodging and enjoying local restaurants and activities.

Leaders are responsible for the overall safety and enjoyment of their group, 24 hours a day, while on a Sprout trip. Duties include safety monitoring, providing physical and emotional support, activity planning, budgeting and enhancing fun. The work is hard yet immensely rewarding as you develop leadership skills and gain insight into your own abilities.

Those applying for Sprout leadership opportunities must be at least 21 years of age. A driver's license is preferred but not required. Drivers do not need a special license to drive a 15-passenger van in the United States.

Prior to leading a trip, leaders are trained in group dynamics, trip logistics and the philosophy of the organization. To encourage continued learning and communication, leaders share a room during the Sprout trip. Leaders also have access to Sprout's 24-hour support system for questions and emergencies during the trip.

Unlike other programs, becoming a Sprout leader carries no fees or program costs.

Your commitment can vary from as little as one week to an entire summer, depending on your schedule and our needs. Those without housing opportunities in New York City can join a Sprout-sponsored workcamp, a set period of time dedicated to Sprout travel that features the provision of between-trip lodging.


Sprout is an equal opportunity employer, offering volunteer opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, or citizenship unless legally required.

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Director of Leadership at Leadership@GoSprout.org

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