Since 1994, Sprout's Make-A-Movie program has turned cameras on adults with developmental disabilities for a series of fun, poignant and richly drawn videos. This innovative program offers people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to star in and be part of the creative video-making process.

Typically marginalized by their absence in film and video, participants are excited by this newfound opportunity to explore their artistic side. They have inspired and at times co-written stories that became Sprout films. They work hard to learn their roles and are given the support to reach their potential as actors. Creative benefits of role-playing are myriad, while the boost in self-esteem is invaluable.

Sprout offers a variety of video-making opportunities that include the production of animations and documentaries in addition to narrative filmmaking. Sprout is able to take on custom-designed projects for groups of people with special needs.


The following five dvds of Sprout videos are available:
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Four early films made trough our make-a-movie program

narrative/ 1998/ 20 min.

narrative/ 1999/ 14 min.

animation/ 2001/ 12 min.

narrative/ 2002/ 25 min.

DVD $ 35.00

Two touching portraits of some memorable people

2002 / 25 min.

2004 / 11 min.

DVD $ 30.00

A musical tale about Viru and how he survived his first day at summer camp

narrative/ 2005/ 42 min.

DVD $ 30.00

A documentary film crew captures the behind the scenes happenings during the making of a vampire film. Reality and fiction become blurred as the seven actors with developmental disabilities lose themselves in their roles.

narrative/ 2006/ 43 min.

DVD $ 30.00

The story of Junior, a young man who feels protected by Cat, a female superhero he created. With Cat, he is safe from all the dangers he sees on television and for him there is no need for family or friends. This belief is put to the test by one unexpected incident.

The film features the acting, writing (animation sequences) and artwork of Jeremy Schwartz. Animations created by Yin Ko Lee.

Wake Up Junior was made possible through funding from NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

narrative / 2008 / 25 min.

DVD $ 30.00

To find out more about this exciting program,
please contact:

Anthony Di Salvo
, Director.
phone 888.222.9575